What is NHS SBS’s goal with Tradeshift? Does this apply to me?

What documents are in scope of the e-invoicing project?

The following documents are in scope for NHS SBS’s e-invoicing project: Invoices Credit Notes ...

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What are the benefits of e-invoicing with Tradeshift?

Click here to see some of your main benefits of e-invoicing with Tradeshift.  ...

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When will this be rolled out to all suppliers?

All suppliers to clients of NHS Shared Business Services are requested to submit their invoices via Tradeshift. We have carefully selected Tradeshift for our suppliers because of the benefits it offers to you now, and in the future. Learn more about ...

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Where can I find out more about Tradeshift?

We are pleased you want to learn more about Tradeshift.  It’s good to find out more about the platform you will be using. Just click here for more information about Tradeshift’s past, present and vision.  ...

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Do I need to create multiple Tradeshift accounts so that I can invoice different companies?

No. Tradeshift want to make sure that invoicing is easy so you only need one account per entity, which means only one password to remember.  You can add users to your account, so that if you’re away, someone else can cover. ...

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How do I connect to NHS SBS?

After you have created your Tradeshift account you can request a connection by going to the Network App, choosing the Tradeshift Network tab and searching for the NHS organisation that you want to connect to. Please note that although NHS SBS process ...

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