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    Benefits for You

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    The Tradeshift platform is the ideal invoicing solution for all suppliers, regardless of size or offering. It is free for suppliers, simple to use and offers a multitude of benefits. The platform is based on the principles of business to business networking, where suppliers can create a simple profile, insert their template information and start submitting invoices straight away!

    Easy setup

    • Sign up is quick and simple
    • Large suppliers can choose from a variety of seamless integration methods with their existing financial systems

    Direct monitoring and communication

    • Receive confirmation of invoice receipt by the NHS SBS oracle system
    • Monitor individual invoice progression with daily status updates advising when an invoice has been received, approved, disputed and paid
    • Access reports within Tradeshift of all of your invoices and credit notes that have been sent through Tradeshift

    Instant validation

    • Upfront validation rules ensure invoices contain all required data before submission, reducing likelihood of returned invoices due to missing information

    Reduce business costs

    • Eliminate printing and postage costs associated with submitting paper invoices
    • Reduce time spent calling NHS SBS or NHS Organisation confirming invoice has been received

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