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    Tradeshift Status Meanings

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    SENT Invoice has passed the validation rules and is in the process of reaching SBS Payment system. Please note, once the document is ‘Sent’ it is no longer possible to amend it. If an error has been that needs to be corrected, it may be necessary to produce a credit for this document, and send a corrected invoice. Please contact our Accounts Payable helpline on 0303 123 1177, option 2 for advice

    The status will remain as Sent until it is either Accepted, Disputed or Rejected.
    ACCEPTED Invoice has been approved and is closer to payment For Non-PO invoices, this means the invoice has been finally approved the NHS Organisation, and is available to be included on the next payment run. For PO invoices, the invoice has been matched to the Purchase Order, and may require the NHS Organisation to confirm the invoice for payment.
    PAID Invoice has been paid The invoice has been paid – you will receive a separate remittance from NHS SBS for this invoice, and the funds within 3-4 working days as it takes this long for the banks to process the BACS payment.
    DISPUTED The invoice/credit note is on hold after approval You will be notified of the specific reason for dispute, and may need to take steps to resolve. If you need clarification, please contact the Accounts Payable helpline on 0303 123 1177, Option 2
    REJECTED The Invoice/Credit note has been cancelled If you were not expecting this document to be cancelled, please call the Accounts Payable helpline on 0303 123 1177, Option 2

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