Babelway is a B2B integration Software-as-a-Service-SaaS. Babelway provides a data translation software and B2B communication gateways organized in a full-service proposition. Babelway services are fully available on-demand via a web-browser. There is no software or hardware to buy and maintain in-house; however, Babelway is still under the full control of its users.

Chapter 1. Babelway Concept

Introcution to Babelway Concept

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Chapter 2. Generalities

In this chapter, we explain the structure of the interface, and all other topics that are transversal to the application, such as style conventions or grids.

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Chapter 3. Monitoring

The monitoring section of the application contains all the tools and information that allow you to follow and manage the messages processed by the system, once the rules for how to handle the messages have been setup. The main functionalities are: Search for all messages processed by the system. See all the details of the messages. View the alerts generated by the system. Actions to manage the messages (for example, resubmit a message in error) View the stats of the messages. View documents, a business view on the processed messages.

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Chapter 4. Channels

This section of the application contains all that is needed to configure how the messages should be processed by the Babelway system. The different sub-menu items contain the different building blocks available to make it work.

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Chapter 5. Admin

This section explains what can be found under the admin section menu. Note: Deployment should be done after saving changes to ensure that all changes are pushed to production.

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Chapter 6. Miscellanous

This chapter contains some more information, not closely related to the web interface.

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Chapter 7. Babelway Glossary

Babelway Glossary

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Chapter 8. Release Notes

This Chapter to add the Release Notes starts from Jan 2019

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